NGetal the Reed ... instinct

Do we remember what our prayers are for.
Is there purity in our words, or do we ask for more?
Through what we asked for do we believe,
We are truly prepared for all we will receive.

Together, folded by the night, we lay on earth. I hear.
From far low words breathe on my breaking brain.
Come! I yield. Bend deeper upon me! I am here.
Subduer, do not leave me! Only joy, only anguish,

Take me, save me, soothe me, spare me!
As I discover life is a gift, when we 
Hold it, share it, bear it, and use no scripts,
True treasure, never found on pirate ships.

Whenever you feel like no one is close,
Close your eyes to see who shows
Up here to guide you through this day 
And leave the bad news to yesterday.

Can we pray openly with fullness of joy?
Can we pray laughing, eyes open to enjoy?
Pray at moments of need, or pray as a love spell deed;
Learning that we have to receive all that is sent by Ngetal the Reed. 

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