my poem's mythology

instinct      sounding the third note of our Autumn

accepting and trusting responses to our affirmations and prayers

There is a mythology story that tells of the Reed being the holder and memory of prayers.

Bards through the ages have shared stories of Ngetal the Reed releasing the radiance of prayers and have taught people to craft reeds into symbols of revelation. The have shared the ways of weaving reeds that commit the purest sanctification of our prayers as we weave..

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my nGetal the Reed story poem explained ...

Through the first verse of my story poem I question the honesty that we place into our dreams and how we may interpret them.

The second verse uses words of James Joyce from A Prayer at the end of Pomes Penyeach. To me well describes an anguish that may well happen when prayers are not honest and response is distant from what we expected and hope for.

Slowly, as the rest of the words unfold, a realization unfold about of what prayers are and how they could be shared to receive the responses and affirmations we seek.

I suggest that what we receive from Prayers is usually a lesson of accepting without questions about whether we are worthy to receive and without doubts about what we receive.

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